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Transcending Definition:
Jay DeFeo in the 1970s

San Francisco, CA
September 10 – December 11, 2020

Artworks by Jay DeFeo in the exhibition

Installation images


“Jay DeFeo’s Transcendent Objects”
Gagosian Quarterly
Alice Godwin explores the shifts in Jay DeFeo’s practice in the 1970s, considering the familiar objects that became recurrent subjects in her work during these years and their relationship to the human body.

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“Jay DeFeo’s artwork defied labels, which is why it’s still relevant today”
SF Chronicle, Datebook
Tony Bravo
With her refusal to be confined to one medium, Jay DeFeo was in many ways more akin to today’s conceptual artists, who reject categorizing themselves, rather than her midcentury contemporaries, says Kelly Huang, the co-director of Gagosian gallery in San Francisco.

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“Jay DeFeo: Trancending Definition”
Musée Magazine
Alessandra Schade
Jay DeFeo, the late, California-based artist who pushed the boundaries of each medium she mastered, will be now remembered at the Gagosian San Francisco.

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