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Jay DeFeo: A Symposium took place on Friday, May 28th.

The conference was organized by Professor Jo Applin (The Courtauld) and Dr. Pia Gottschaller (The Courtauld).

Program timing:
Times based on video length.

0:00 – 2:30: Introduction by Jo Applin and Pia Gottschaller

2:30 – 25:10: Lucy Bradnock, “Jay DeFeo’s Bodies: Painting as a Muscular Principle”

25:10 – 46:00: Catherine Spencer, “Abstraction in Pieces”

46:00 – 1:14:10: Pia Gottschaller and Joy Mazurek, “The Dialectics of Painting”

1:14:10 – 1:28:50: Q&A

1:28:50 – 1:47:50: Judith Delfiner, “Jay DeFeo: Xerox Images”

1:47:50 – 2:11:15: Suzanne Hudson, “Encore”

2:11:15 – 2:40:10: Corey Keller, “Sidestepping the Image Directly: The Growth of Jay DeFeo’s Cabbage Rose”

2:40:10 – 2:56:50: Q&A

2:56:50 – 3:00:41: Closing remarks by Leah Levy, Executive Director of The Jay DeFeo Foundation

The Jay DeFeo Foundation appreciates the work of Jo Applin and Pia Gottschaller, each of the presenters, and The Research Forum staff for making the Symposium a success.

Header image:
Jay DeFeo in her Oakland studio with reducing glass, 1986